ACER ODK110 Multifunctional Computer Stand

Sale price$55.99


Ÿ TYPE-C port supports up 100 W

Ÿ USB 3.0 ports support up max 5 Gbps

Ÿ HDMI Port supports up 4K x 2 K

ŸRJ45 port supports up 1000Mbps



Model: ODK110

Material: Aluminum Alloy-ABS

Product Input: Type-C 

Color: Starry Gray

Product output: Type-C, HDMI, RJ45, usb3.0*3

USB3.0 rate: 5Gbps

RJ45 rate: 1000Mbps

HDMI resolution: 4Kx 2K

TYPE-C power: 100W

Backlight: RGB

Cable length: 28 cm

OS support: Win8/10/mac OS/Androld/Linux



PCs, laptops and other devices that support Win8/10/mac OS/Androld/Linux connection.



Ÿ The maximum operating temperature is +50° ℃

Ÿ Do not expose to rain, moisture or snow.

Ÿ Using an attachment not recommended or sold by the manufacturer may risk fire, electric shock, or injury to persons.

Ÿ To transfer data at maximum speed, your computer, peripherals, cables, and soft are must support USB 3.0.

Ÿ Connect to AC power by using USB charging (not included). We recommend using a 60W.

Ÿ PD (Power Delivery) charging, 55W for charging the connected laptop, and 5W for powering the hub.

Ÿ When the hub is not powered by charging, connecting USB devices should not exceed a combined input current 2.4 A. Devices are usually rated as follows: Mouse: 100mA, Camera: 300mA, Keyboard: 500mA, External hard drive: 900mA.



WIN System

Click on the button right corner of the laptop screens icon "Settings-SYSTEM-Display" options in the display column, select as per requirement.

ŸCopy the display Laptop and projection display simultaneously;

Ÿ Display expands the display Laptop and projector screen can be;

Ÿ Displayed in left/right split screen;  

Ÿ Only displayed on I: Only displayed in the notebook;

Ÿ Only displayed on 2: Only displayed on the projection display;  

Ÿ Disconnect this display the HDMI display connected to the product is disconnected.


MAC OS System

Click on the laptop screen "ICON-System Preferences-Display-Arrangement", magnetite in “Mirror Monitor to get notebook-projection display synchronization, left/right screen display.

1.Compatible with Win8/Win10, MACOS, Android, Chorrnebook system

2.Compatible with MacBook, Huawei Mace book, other Type-C Laptops or notebook devices.



In case of incorrect operation follow the steps below:

  1. Check the integrity of the connectors;
  2. Check the connection to the computer;
  3. Check your computer settings;
  4. Check the battery level;
  5. Disconnect and reconnect the equipment; restart the computer.

If the problem persists, please contact your local seller.