About Us

Hi Buddy,


Thanks for choosing MARVODIY to be part of your setup. Our original brand focus was to provide affordable, high-performing products for gamers. Two years ago, I was just discovering the world of customized keyboards. Unique keycaps, switches, case, and plate…These were worlds I felt like I belonged to.


People talk about the high price of DIY keyboards when to me, it’s completely priceless. There’s a feeling you get when building something with your hands is always a satisfying feeling and makes you value them higher. The self-satisfaction of successfully completing a DIY project is really all that matters. The act of creation has a powerful effect on our well-being.


Enthusiasts have described intimate moments they’ve deeply connected with more control over their world, for example, whenever a keyboard is assembled or changed by hand, immersed in the adjustment of keycaps, switches, satellite shafts, and other accessories to the extent that time passes without your even being aware of it. When you focus on producing something pulls your attention into the moment, distracting you from your everyday problems.  After finishing, the sense of accomplishment is immediate and profound. We can touch it, hold it, use it or show it off’ and that’s why the act of creating is so addictive.


Most of us tap into hard working in an office and not having anything to show for all our hard work. Everything is digital and there’s nothing physical to see or hold with your hands. Another situation is that there are so many times we can’t find what we are looking for, we will have the idea of just making it ourselves!


This is why I created MARVODIY. I would like to make something I can’t find anywhere else.  Our keycaps, switches, case and plate… They are all tools that connect us between our minds and the world. I want to put my own blood and sweat into a physical object. The scenario I can think of is that my dad fixes house stuff himself, my mum sews all our dresses, and I make my own keyboards.


It’s an honor to have you here for the DIY journey.


Enjoy your DIY, enjoy MARVODIY.