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Re-defined 68 Wireless Keyboard Kit - MARVODIY

[MARVODIY] Re-defined 68 Wireless Hot-swappable Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Dip switch The dip switch can be toggled to enable the switching of the Win/Mac fixed column key position, the adjustment of the lock/open "Win" key position, closure of the...
Marvo led-Paladone Super Mario Mini Question Block Light

Marvo led-Paladone Super Mario Mini Question Block Light

Super Mario Icon lamp: The Super Mario Icon Lamp can light up your space with its glowing Question Block who is underneath. Can be decorated in any place you want...
Plastic Keycaps - MARVODIY

[MARVODIY] Plastic Keycap Set

Inspired by “off-white" 's double quotation marks.So it's named after the material of the keycap.The keycaps feel as unique as they look, which the height and length of different keycaps...
Charcoal Keycaps - MARVODIY

[MARVODIY] Charcoal Keycap Set

It is the ultimate match of orange and black. The inspiration comes from the endless flames, smoke and the charcoal fires that roast out black. The orange colour of the...


Specs Black Linear 60 cN operating force 2.0 mm pre travel 4.0 mm total travel Plate mount 3pin MX stem  Red Linear 45 cN operating force 2.0 mm pre travel...
Milk And Honey Keycaps - MARVODIY

[MARVODIY] Milk And Honey Keycap Set

Inspired by the combination of milk and honey, both of which are sources of many essential nutrients for the body. When milk and honey are combined, they have many health...

[MARVODIY] Vintage 9009 Keycap Set

Inspired from retro vintage style, the elegant and unforgettable color scheme of the keyboard can always calm you down and give you unlimited inspiration. This keycaps featured the now-famous combination...
Apricot Keycaps - MARVODIY

[MARVODIY] Apricot Keycap Set

The Apricot keycap set brings all the nature of the original set with a fresh colorway. Sky blues and apricot, this keycap set will ring in the autumn with a...
Sea Salt Cheese Switches(70pcs) - MARVODIY

[MARVODIY] Sea Salt Cheese Switches

The Sea Salt Cheese Switch is both colorful and fun to press. With 4 millimeters of total travel and an operating force of 50 gf, its pre-lubricating stems make each...
Easter Bunny Keycaps - MARVODIY

[MARVODIY] Easter Bunny Keycap Set

For inspiration for our latest custom keycap set, we turned to the bunny,  believed by many to hold the truth about our innocence. Pairs white alphas with pastel purple accent keys....
DAGK Type-C Customized Coiled Glow Aviation Plug Cable - Marvo Pro

DAGK Type-C Customized Coiled Glow Aviation Plug Cable

Adopting a two-stage design: 1.5m Custom Handmade the two-stage cables are connected by aviation plugs, which support hot-swappable and quick-release, and the keyboard end cable can be separated from the...