MARVO DIY Affiliate Program


Launched in September 2020, our new website is home to hundreds of thousands of enthsiasts around the world

Were proud to offer competitive bonuses for our affiliates to help spread the word and the performance of MARVODIY


  • Earn 10% on Affiliate Payouts
  • Long lasting Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  • Unique Discounts for Your community
  • Marketing Support for any banner and Text

Higher commissions are available for premium placement opportunities

We welcome all enquiries to discuss potential partnerships

Easy Steps

1. Register Yourself as an Affiliate ( Sign up )
2. Promote Our Products to Your Community
3. Visitors Make a Purchase
4. You receive a 10% Commission

    Affiliate Program FAQ

    1. Can / get a discounts for my community?

    Yes, please email with an overview of your community and any links where we can find you Please note, not everyone qualifies for discounts

    2. How do get a customized banner?

    Please email responses may take 1-3 days depending on our studio capacity

    3. How does Marvo track my affliate sales?

    The third-party app tracks users on our site who were referred(by clicking on a link) by your affiliate. When a user visits our site, a cookie is stored on the users computer, so the program knows that this is an affiliated user even if the user doesnt make an order right away. We set the cookie for 30 days which means when the user purchases a device within 30 days, a 10% commission can be earned

    4. Can I get free products from Marvo if I am an affiliate?

    We will consider sponsoring if you can make at least 5 affiliate sales