Our Story

our story

Born for gaming

Since 2002, Marvo’s parent company MARK has been supplying PC equipment. We came from humble beginnings: providing basic office PC gear such as keyboards and headsets to brands who then supplied the likes of Walmart, Costco, Best Buy and Target. We were one part of a worldwide supply chain and brands trusted our ability to provide a fair price point and high quality products.

The story of Marvo begins in 2014, when we were being asked to create gaming products for many of our clients around the world. We realised we too could explore the gaming world and create desirable equipment for gamers. 

Thus, Marvo was born.

Chase Performance

We understand that high performance gaming can only be achieved through high-quality products. MarvoPro is our selection of premium products from the Marvo line to create an even more elite gaming experience.

Every series MarvoPro produces is tried and tested by world-class gamers to ensure the highest standards are met, all while retaining a reasonable price. When it comes to research and innovation, we believe in leaving it to the experts – you guys. It’s why we broke many barriers to face you guys directly. Together, let’s chase performance.