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Customized Keyboards VS Mass-produced keyboards – Everything You Need to Know

Customized Keyboards VS Mass-produced keyboards – Everything You Need to Know


A regular computer user might think that all keyboards are similar and there's nothing new in each of them. For the hard-core enthusiasts, however, keyboard choice is far more critical. Picking up the right keyboard is all about experiencing tactile feel and feedback. The right keyboard choice enables you to perform at your best and elevates the typing experience to the next level.


What is Keyboard customization?


“Keyboard customization is an action performed to modify a regular keyboard into a custom keyboard to suit customers' requirements.”

Most computers look like each other – three rows of letters, a rubber dome under each key, and many punctuation keys. But even though they look the same, keyboards can differ a lot regarding how they work inside. Keyboard customization is all about choosing suitable options for your keyboard. 


Difference between Customized and Mass-Produced Keyboards:

Before we delve deep into the features, let's talk about the difference between Customized and Mass-produced keyboards' case material.


Case Material of Mass Produced Keyboards:

Most of the mass-produced keyboards are made from the ABS Injection Moulding process. While some of them are adorned with other materials or may have gone through different surface treatment processes, but the case material (shell texture) is made following the same process.

Two Major Instances of Mass-produced Keyboards:

  • E-YOOSO mechanical keyboard
  • Logitech K845 mechanical keyboard


- E-YOOSO mechanical keyboard

mechanical keyboard

(the picture is from the Internet)

 A TKL mechanical gaming keyboard, E-YOOSO Mechanical Keyboard, is made of top-grade ABS and alloy material, with matte-finished texture. This mechanical keyboard provides a faster game response with 87 anti-ghosting keys, blue switches, backlit, and RGB LED sidelights.


-Logitech K845 mechanical keyboard

mechanical keyboard

(the picture is from the Internet)

It is precision-built for typing, with all technicalities of a gaming keyboard and a lustrous, modern look. The K845 Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard is made to last in every way. The solid anodized aluminium top is way too resilient, while enduring mechanical switches have been tested up to 50 billion clicks.


Case Material of Customized Keyboards:

The term 'customization' says it all! Customized keyboards are made upon customers' preferences. The case material or shell can be composed of any material, including ABS, PC, aluminium, acrylic, wood, resin, and other desired ones, making customization full of infinite possibilities.

4 different case materials of Customized Keyboards:
  • DROP CTRL Mechanical Keyboard
  • WOMIER K61 Acrylic Keyboard
  • Mechanical Keyboard with Resin Case
  • Wooden Mechanical Keyboard


- DROP CTRL Mechanical Keyboard

 mechanical keyboard

(the picture is from the Internet)

If you are searching out new ways to customize your CTRL keyboard, go for its different color cases. It is assembled with a solid aluminium frame with a fixed switch plate; it is stable and invigorated. Appealingly, the keyboard is equally impressive in looks, featuring RGB backlighting and under-lighting to put it on a colorful show.


- WOMIER K61 acrylic keyboard

 mechanical keyboard

(the picture is from the Internet)

It is a four-layer acrylic case and compact 61-keys keyboard, offering RGB LEDs that can be programmed to display the whole color spectrum. Moreover, it offers keyboard's swappable sockets, you can simply change or replace new switches on a dome without even picking up on the soldering iron.


- Mechanical keyboard with resin case


(the picture is from the Internet)

Resin cases feature an ergonomic 5-degree typing angle and rubber bump-on feet for extra stability. To suit any keyboard, a customary, universal tray-mount design is available in six different colors, including purple, black, yellow, blue, white, and green.


- Wooden Mechanical Keyboard

mechanical keyboard

(the picture is from the Internet)

With a 96-key layout including arrow keys, function keys, and Numpad, the NYM96 wooden Mechanical Keyboard is a unique add-on to your list. This keyboard is made by NYM, featuring a high-quality, angled wooden case that complements your room's environment.


Key Arrangements of Customised and Mass-produced Keyboards:

Most of the mass-produced mechanical keyboards have space for 104 keys or above. Whereas customised keyboards are based on users' preferences to determine the distribution.


Here are a few keyboards, having different key arrangements
DROP+OLKB mechanical keyboards

mechanical keyboard

(the picture is from the Internet)

This ortholinear 40% mechanical keyboard is applauded for its exclusive layout. This keyboard's "raise" and "lower" space bar keys make it easier to access extra layers for additional functionality.


-MELGEEK MOJO60 mechanical keyboard


(the picture is from the Internet)

MelGeek makes this mechanical keyboard; the Mojo60 brings the best in modern engineering and retro styling. With 61 keys in a standard layout, this board thrives in tight spaces.


- SKYLOONG SK71 mechanical keyboard


(the picture is from the Internet)

A new mechanical keyboard made by Skyloong, Sk71 is a keyboard that no one wants to miss buying. With its compact yet functional-row-equipped 70% layout, it is a great choice to make for any setup of any size.


- KEYDOUS NJ80 mechanical keyboard


(the picture is from the Internet)

With integral modularity for everything – from switches to connectivity – the NJ80 is a keyboard for those who wants perfection. The 75% layout bids both space consciousness and typing ease.


- NYM96 mechanical keyboard

(the picture is from the Internet)

This 96-keys mechanical keyboard comes in an innovative layout, striking a perfect balance between a full-size and ten-keyless board. Plus, to stay put on your desk, it is made from a hefty chunk of aluminium. 


Keycaps Personalisation of Customized and Mass-produced keyboards:

In this section, we'd discuss three things:

  • Keycap Material
  • Keycap Height
  • And, Keycap Surface Process


Keycap Material

Most keycaps of the mass-produced keyboard are made of ABS and PBT. In contrast, customised keyboards are dependent on what customers want.




(the picture is from the Internet)

After laying out atop your keyboard, the Gnarly Drakon artisan keycap becomes a shining jewel. It is hand-painted by the keycap artisans and made from resin at Dwarf Factory.


- M.7 aluminium keycaps


(the picture is from the Internet)

Do you want something nostalgic? If yes, then M.7 Aluminium Keycaps are made for you. This keycap brings back all the nostalgia of the late '90s. Plus, it is made from resin and aluminium.


-TEAMWOLF Stainless steel ALPHA keycaps


(the picture is from the Internet)

These durable keycaps are specially designed for gamers. Each keycap is equipped with shine-through polish to get the most out of RGB lighting and is crafted from brushed steel.


- MECHANICALLEE Wooden keycaps for keyboards


(the picture is from the Internet)

These keycaps are composed entirely of Walnut or Zebrawood from Mechanicalle. They are finished by hand with boiled linseed oil – which helps protect it from dust and enhance shine.


Keycap Heights of the Customised and Mass-Produced Keyboard:

Keycaps keycaps

The mass-produced keycaps are made of Cherry Original Height or OEM height. Whereas the customised keycaps are beyond this – they are designed according to the customers' choices.


Keycap surface processes:

Laser Etching: This one is commonly used for mass-produced keyboards

Screen Printing: This one is also widely used for mass-produced keyboards

Spray Coating: Rare but used in both.

Laser Filling Method: Rare but used in both.

Skeleton Printing Method: Rare but used in both.

Two-Colour Injection Moulding: It is not explicitly considered surface treatment but an Injection Moulding Process, commonly used for mass-produced and customized keycaps.

Thermal Sublimation: It is commonly used in customization.


Did you find this blog about customized keyboards VS mass-produced keyboards helpful? We certainly hope you did! If you are looking for a new custom keyboard, the team at Marvodiy can transform your ideas into reality. Our focus is to provide affordable, high-performing, and quality custom keyboards so that your gaming experience would go to the next level.  



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