Five reasons why you choose Marvo KG972W Gasket Mount Mechanical Keyboard

Five reasons why you choose Marvo KG972W Gasket Mount Mechanical Keyboard

1. The Best Price Budget 98 Gasket Mount Keyboard

Marvo KG972W is currently available on our website under the Pre-Sale Deal. We’ve achieved a high-quality gasket-mounted keyboard with a great sound, comfortable flexibility, and a durable build to offer a premium experience at a budget-friendly price! We offer it at the low price of just $77.99 thanks to the Early Adopter. The usual retail price is $99.99. You’ll need to be quick to get yours, and pay more attention to our Page.


2. Optional High-Quality Custom Switches, Cherry Pink Switches, and Sea Salt Switches

Cherry Pink switch is designed as a linear type, it aims at pulling up the smooth typing experience to the full! Coming factory-lubed and specially structured, the Marvo KG972W Cherry Pink Linear switch can be self-lubed when typed, which is especially helpful for maintaining a smooth feeling. The durable stem is credited to a more smooth and pleasing typing experience.


Sea Sale Switch Sound Test:

3. With All The Parts You Need For A Custom Keyboard

Marvo KG972W mechanical keyboard comes with all the basic accessories, manual, dust cover, coiled USB cable, 3x replacement keycaps, 6x replacement switches, and integrated puller. The keyboard internal structure has patch lamp, acoustic silicone switch pad and sound dampening foam on the bottom. The necessary PC Material Positioning Board Plate for the Gasket is also available.Custom coiled USB cable of Marvo KG972W, also designed to match your keyboard, also no matter what type of setup you’re working with. Three cable outlet paths on the bottom of the keyboard to meet all your desk setup.


4. Get connected with three different modes 

Compatible with Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android, MARVO KG972W adopts tri-mode connection including Bluetooth, 2.4G USB Wireless, and Type-C wired connection - no need to worry about no ports being available or an annoying delay in-game. Bluetooth allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time and switch between multiple devices.


5. Gasket Mount Keyboard Fit For Gaming & Work

A complete ergonomic design with crisp, clean connection and quick response to keep your productivity high day in, and day out. Give your slow, clunky, and defunct office keyboard early retirement. It is ideal for those who demand accuracy, speed, reliability, and endurance for long-time gaming sessions. MARVO KG972W is a seamless system that is highly customizable, fully integrated, and incredibly comfortable.

No cable, no limitation! The MARVO KG972 Bluetooth and 2.4G connection provide the convenience you need to attend meetings comfortably. Whether you are using a computer, laptop or Tablet, MARVO KG972W is able to help you whenever and wherever.

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