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Milk Purple Keycaps - MARVODIY

[MARVODIY] Milk Purple Keycap Set

Part of a balanced breakfast, this keycaps set is inspired by one of the most ubiquitous beverages out there——Milk. It’s called Milk Purple, while it may not help you build...

[MARVODIY] The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Keycap Set

The inspiration for the keycap color scheme came from various greenery, and the final choice was the color of the plant's leaves. The dark green is the bottom surface, while...
Red Samurai Keycaps - MARVODIY

[MARVODIY] Red Samurai Keycap Set

Strap on some armor, unsheath your katana, and prepare to defend your desktop, which features a striking colorway evocative of a Japanese warrior’s armor. The fierce combination of red and...

[MARVODIY] Camping Action Keycap Set

Inspired by camping. The biggest purpose of camping is to empty the mind, so the base colour of this set of keycaps is injection moulded white. Green symbolises the wilderness,...

[MARVODIY] Back To Peace Keycap Set

The main colours of the keycaps are black and white, a symbol of the nature of warfare that cannot be distinguished from its black colour. Instead, a very bright orange...
MIC-01 USB Powered Microphone

MIC-01 USB Powered Microphone

USB Powered Microphone Cool rainbow lighting USB powered, does not require an external power supply Picks up signals from all directions for a well rounded coverage Design   Microphone type:omnidirectional...
Marvo Zomo Kitty Paw Artisan Keycaps

Marvo Zomo Kitty Paw Artisan Keycaps

With the cute silicone Kitty Paw keycap, you can bring the perfect combination of comfort and poise feeling to your keyboard.SPECSMaterials: Plastic body, silicone pawCompatible with Cherry MX switches and...
KFC Resin keycaps handmade resin keycaps backlit resin space keycaps

KFC Resin keycaps handmade resin keycaps backlit resin space keycaps

🍔The design is inspired by KFC, Starbucks, McDonald's and other fast food restaurants in the series. It is more suitable for our life.. A special gift for friends🍔 Appearance: Epoxy...
Kailh BOX Switch (35 Per Box) - MARVODIY

Kailh BOX Switch (35 Per Box)

BOX White Type Clicky Travel Distance 1.8mm Actuation3.6mm Bottom Force 55g Peak45g Operating55g Bottom Mount Plate   BOX Brown Type Tactile Travel Distance 2mm Actuation3.6mm Bottom Force 55g Peak45g Operating55g...