KFC Resin keycaps handmade resin keycaps backlit resin space keycaps

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🍔The design is inspired by KFC, Starbucks, McDonald's and other fast food restaurants in the series. It is more suitable for our life.. A special gift for friends
🍔 Appearance: Epoxy mirror surface is transparent and bright
🍔Coloring: high-quality lacquerware, more accurately restore the color of the character itself
🍔Bubble problem: special process, basically 0 bubbles
☕Condition: The keycaps are made of high-quality resin, ensuring an endless gaming experience.
☕Fit: Fits most keyboard switches
☕Note: Because our keycaps are handmade, there is little difference between each keycap.
☕Package Included: Keycaps x 4 (Keyboard No)
☕When the keycap is installed on the keyboard, if it is found to be too tight or too loose, please do not install it by force. You can use a hair dryer to heat the cross groove part of the keycap for about 5 seconds to make the base slightly softer. Then plug it into the keyboard switch.
Keycaps are made of high-quality resin
Compatible with most mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches
If you have any questions, please contact us and we will answer your questions
Style: KFC