2021 The 4 Best Marvo Pro Keyboard

2021 The 4 Best Marvo Pro Keyboard

Keyboards are King!

After all, have you ever tried to use a computer without one…? 

Stock standard keyboards may be functional but we’re about changing the game to make them as comfortable as possible with all the features to enjoy a superior experience. Whether you’re a gamer, need a keyboard for data entry, or want one with versatility, our list of best keyboards has an ideal choice for everyone. Keep reading to find the keyboard best-suited for your needs.

Best Marvo Pro Keyboard for Gaming


Bigbang P1-Pro Mechanical Keyboard for Elite Gamer

Who’s it for: Elite gamers

Why you need it: easily the best option to elevate your entire gaming experience.

Bigbang P1-Pro Key Features: 6 dedicated macro keys, with all keys programmable through MarvoPro software for a completely customisable experience. Includes backlighting that supports 18 modes and a detachable ergonomic wrist rest for long gaming marathons, plus two USB pass-through ports and media controls.

Best Marvo Pro Mechanical Keyboard Under $60


Bigbang S1-Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Who’s it for: Anyone who wants to try a minor keyboard in comfort with an unbeatable price point. 

Why you need it: the best option if you want to use a compact and smaller keyboard.

Bigbang S1 Key Features: Compact but highly capable mechanical keyboard that’s built for easy transportation. Plug and go! Your typing won’t have the “click clack” sounds that so often go hand in hand with a larger scale keyboard, and the ergonomic design means your comfort is never compromised. Fast response for gaming, with dazzling RGB lighting with 11 dynamic effects.  Truly a versatile option for those with limited space. 

Best Marvo Pro Mega Membrane Keyboard 

Bigbang G1- Revolutionary Mega Membrane Keyboard

Who’s it for: Anyone and everyone! Gamers to office workers and every purpose in-between. 

Why you need it: Everything a mechanical keyboard does, Bigbang G1 also does amazingly well.

Marvopro Bigbang G1 Key Features: The best keyboards should have a sturdy design, mechanical keys for feel and response, customizable options, great media controls, and RGB lighting. This next generation Marvopro keyboard has all that... and more. There are multiple customization options for buttons and RGB lighting, with 3 LED lighting backlit modes. 19 Anti-Ghost Keys and Dedicated Media Controls to switch between different setups for different games offers a completely customisable experience to suit your needs. The keyboard is also equipped with switches that include gold contacts for maximum precision and can be replaced if any are damaged. 

Best Marvo Pro Water Resistant Keyboard

Bigbang G2 - Water Resistant Mechanical Keyboard

Who’s it for: The more accident prone amongst us… Or anyone who doesn’t want the risk while working and gaming!

Why you need it: A keyboard that protects itself from spills and splashes leaves you with a feeling of security.

Bigbang G2 Key Features: If you’ve been using computers for long enough, you’ll be familiar with the sinking feeling of watching liquid escape from your glass or bottle over the keyboard with one haphazard brush of the hand. Shorting out one of the most-used tech accessories is an incredible inconvenience and will severely limit your productivity until it’s replaced. The Bigbang G2 is a keyboard designed to weather the storms that any desktop bottle brings. It’s water resistant to the most common spills and splashed, and has three zones of dynamic, customizable backlighting with 11 dynamic effects. 


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