MarvoPro Honeycomb Gaming Combo #CM373 Review Showcase

MarvoPro Honeycomb Gaming Combo #CM373 Review Showcase

MarvoPro has launched this unique honeycomb keyboard & mouse combo #CM373 in May with a price under $50. Check how TikTok Gamer and Tech Youtubers said about it.


Tech Youtubers

The Best RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards And Mouse Combo ( EPISODE 3272 ) Amazon Unboxing Video

"It is plugged in ready to rock and roll. I like the honeycomb how that's you can see the RGB a lot more."



MARVO CM373 Keyboard Color Pattern Test and Showcase

"I like there are two buttons on the mouse, a button on the scroll wheel as well as a DPI button."


Dragonblogger Review Blog

Review of the MARVO CM373 RGB Keyboard Mouse Combo

 " He liked the weight of both the keyboard and the mouse and the keyboard is dense and will not move with fast rapid typing. The response rate is great on both keyboard and mouse as well. "



TikTok Gamer


" New keyboard which features RGB on both the mouse and keyboard! It also comes with a very comfortable leather wrist rest! "

Big Thanks to @marvo.official for the setup! Go check out their site! 




"I promise you guys won't be disappointed"

Make sure y’all check em out and pick one up




“TKL mechanical keyboard with comfort Wrist Rest, blue and red switch available”

@marvo.official 🔥🔥🔥 




 “provide the amazing RGB backlit effect of mouse and keyboard combo, the more RGB you have, the bigger K/D you have. "

Can the intense RGB of the @marvo.official CM373 Combo get you that BIGGER k/d?  

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