5 Reasons To Choose Marvo Pro

5 Reasons To Choose Marvo Pro

1. Trusted by global brands

In a world where reviews and reputation go a long way, check our history with some of the big names! Since 2002, Marvo’s parent company MARK has been supplying PC equipment such as keyboards and headsets to global brands who then supplied the likes of Walmart, Costco, Best Buy and Target. We were one part of a worldwide supply chain and brands have long trusted our ability to provide a fair price point and high quality products. 

2. Over 2 million products sold to gamers across 50 different countries

We must be doing something right. Our products have continuously sold under the Marvo flagship, and year on year we see a steady rise in gamers wanting to join the family. MarvoPro was born to service this need to an even higher level. 


3. Chase Performance with MarvoPro

We understand that high performance gaming can only be achieved through high-quality products. MarvoPro is our selection of premium products from the Marvo line to create an even more elite gaming experience. We want you to chase your best performance, which is why our support lines for products are open 7 days a week should you have any questions. 

4. Developed with Elite Gamers

Every series MarvoPro produces is tried and tested by world-class gamers to ensure the highest standards are being met and exceeded. Our European market is where most of our gamers are currently based and we’ve partnered with many local eSports teams to listen to their feedback. We’re regular attendees at international exhibitions such as CES and IFA to collaborate with other like minded businesses to create great products. 

5. Sold directly to you. No middleman, no mark ups

Everyone wants quality at an affordable price. MarvoPro products are direct from manufacturer to consumer which means we can control the pricing from start to finish. No hidden markups, no retail costs. Quality products at an honest price direct to you. 


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