A letter from Marvo Founder

A letter from Marvo Founder

Hi Buddy,

Years ago I was just discovering the world of gaming. Playstation, Wii, PC games… these were worlds I felt like I belonged to.

People talk about the loss of human connection when gaming when to me, it’s the complete opposite. There’s a feeling you get when the right games played with the right equipment can trigger the very essence of what it means to be human. I can drive action, exert effort and explore imagined worlds freely. Hearing the rain, being outside, feeling and smelling the earth and air - these are all triggers that come to me when I’m gaming. I embody the very principles of existentialism and that’s a powerful thing.

The phenomena isn’t lost. It’s constantly sought out.

Gamers have described intimate moments they’ve deeply connected with euphoria and humanity while playing, for example, in Call of Duty 4: the ending of that flashback mission in Chernobyl where you are escaping on a helicopter, watching the landscape zoom by and you see the burning hotel you rappeled out of just minutes ago - it's those moments that causes me to get a feeling of elevation.

Gaming for most of us taps into that deeply-seated human desire to travel, seek out new experiences, and absorb new knowledge about the world—and about ourselves. We explore unfamiliar emotional and geographical territory as digital tourists from the safety of our own homes, tying together imagination and action.

It’s a hard-won feeling right?

This is why I created Marvo. I wanted to have equipment that let me seamlessly experience whatever game I was immersed in. Our mouse, our keyboard, our headsets… they are all tools that connect us between this realm and the others. I want fast, smooth and reliable gear that transitions and transports me into experiencing the game rather than just playing it.

It’s an honour to have your here for the journey.

Enjoy your game, enjoy Marvo Pro.



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