MARVODIY Undefined 61 Keyboard Kit/#UD61 Review Showcase

MARVODIY Undefined 61 Keyboard Kit/#UD61 Review Showcase

MARVODIY has launched Undefined 61 Keyboard Kit on Oct 13th.

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5 Keyboard Mods YOU Should Know! | UNDEFINED 61 Review
“This is a high profile aluminum case, it actually feels pretty solid and pretty premium.”


I am Giving The Final Product Away! | MARVODIY Undefined61 Review + Giveaway
“I really enjoy the big bumps on the back they’re so big that they almost add a bit of a bounciness to the typing fuel”


A new budget keyboard contender joins the competition! - MARVODIY Undefined61 + Giveaway!
"I'm really glad that they at least thought of that they were thinking of acoustics in that sense"


$150 MARVODIY Undefined 61 Keyboard Kit Unboxing, Build, Typing sound, Review (Plastic keycaps)
 "The design is simple, and the aluminum case is very heavy and luxurious."


UD61 Keyboard Kit Build - Custom Keyboard Under $200


Undefined 61 | Thicthock A Linear Switch | ALU Plate



MARVODIY Undefined61(UD61) Unboxing & Review




Review Blog:


"It results in a solid feeling, but is still light enough to be portable without moving around easily on your desk. Four circular pads on the corners assist with this, while also lifting the case off the resting surface enough to prevent scratches."
"The build quality of the UD61 is nearly immaculate. The typing experience on this board is very fluid."
"The RGB can get super bright and bounces off the white plate very nicely if you're an RGB fiend."

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