MarvoPro Keyboard #BigbangS1 Video Review - September 2020

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MarvoPro has launched this unique 89 keys layout mechanical keyboard #BigbangS1 in September with a price under $60. Check how Tech Youtubers said about it.


 A Unique $60 Mechanical Keyboard! BigBang S1 (Marvo KG934) Review 2020 - by vCuda Sept 22, 2020

“one of the best bang for your buck mechanical keyboards on the market right now”


 MARVO Bigbang S1 KG934 TKL RGB mechanical gaming keyboard - by PC Crazy Sept 23, 2020

“Marvo KG934 or BigBang S1 is a well-crafted keyboard with two zones of RGB lights and Outemu Blue switches with 5M keystrokes”


REVIEW: Marvo Bigbang S1 Compact RGB Mechanical Keyboard! Cool Lighting Effects, Customizable! - by OSReviews

“Love number pad! The Marvo BigBang S1 (kg934) is a budget mechanical keyboard that has all of the RGB lightings. The layout is unique”


Marvo KG934 - TKL with a numpad - by headtr1p

“It has a very convenient layout and it strikes a very good balance between gaming and productivity. A good buy if you're looking for sth smaller but still need your numpad. ”


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